You may be in the "I'm thinking of this" stage or you may be ready to bid your job out. Either stage is a great time to contact us. We're happy to talk over the phone, meet with you to discuss preliminary ideas, city codes or recommend an architect.


Triumph Construction, LLC

Chesterfield, Missouri 63005



18118 Chesterfield Airport Road
Chesterfield, MO, 63005
United States

(314) 920-0769

We treat you and your home with respect

During the remodeling, consturction or addition, We strive to minimize disruption in your home. We clean up each day and arrive on time.

Respectful 'Working Guest' in Your Home

We consider ourselves 'working guests' who come and go with the least possible disruption to your home, life and daily schedule. We insist our crew treats you and your home with the utmost respect so you can remain comfortable during the construction process. Each employee must pass a drug and background check before they are ever hired by Triumph.

Strive to Minimize Disruption

In order to minimize disruption, here are some simple things that we make sure to do:

  • Protect floors and other surfaces
  • Sweep rooms daily
  • Organize materials and equipment
  • Arrive and leave on time
We were naïve, we wanted to rely on their expertise and recommendations
I trust Brian, he’s responsive and honest
The biggest compliment is I still liked them at the end, usually it’s the reverse
I could talk to anyone, down to the plumber, they select good subs
— Homeowners