You may be in the "I'm thinking of this" stage or you may be ready to bid your job out. Either stage is a great time to contact us. We're happy to talk over the phone, meet with you to discuss preliminary ideas, city codes or recommend an architect.


Triumph Construction, LLC

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Chesterfield, MO, 63005
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Triumph construction is Solution Oriented

Triumph tries to anticipate your needs so the remodeling process is smooth and hassle free for you. We stay on budget and on time. We build trust. We are collaborative, we help solve problems especially requiring structural modifications. We work in the saint louis metro area.

Smooth Process

We appreciate that each remodeling project has unique needs and circumstances. By fully understanding your needs, we can anticipate and remain one step ahead of each part of the process so you get exactly what you want. Triumph takes pride in doing great work on budget and on time.

Where to Spend, Where to Save

Remodeling is an investment that every homeowner wants to pay off. Many clients rely on our experience to help them make decisions about where to invest a bit more money and where to save money. Taking a collaborative approach ensures you get the best thinking on every aspect of the project, and the only surprises are good ones. 

Problem Solving

One of Triumph's core competencies is making structural modifications to existing buildings, creating the new spaces clients want in their homes.

I wanted a wall moved. They put up a 1,200 lb beam in my ceiling and the wall was gone.
— Homeowner